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Dear Club President,

    The Woman of the Year Award is an honor bestowed on a homemaker club member for years of service in her club and community.  Now is the time to start thinking about who your club’s nominee will be.  The reports will be submitted in outline form as follows:

    A.  Years of club membership (minimum of 10 years)
    B.  Club activities (30 points) offices held, committees served
    C.  County activities (30 points) committees served on, committee chairmanships held, county offices held, participation in county events, etc.
    D.  State activities (20 points) office held, committees served on, donation of items,set up and/or participation in state and district meetings, etc.
    E.  Community and church activities (20 points)
    F.  Any other comments – a short paragraph, please

    Please limit complete report to two typewritten double spaced pages of at least 11 font.

    Only those nominees sent in each year will be considered for that year.  If your nominee is not selected one year, her name may be resubmitted again the next year or any years following.  No nominees will be carried over from the previous years.  Remember, the nominee should not be aware of her nomination.  Club dues must be paid to the county by November 1, in order that your entry qualifies.

    Return this report by December 8, 2016 (the county council meeting) to:

Cathy Hoffman
2621 Trailway Road
Huntsville, AL  35801

    Nominees will not be accepted after the due date.  If you have any questions, please call me at 256-883-7099 or e-mail at cat hyho ff*a ol:com.

Cathy Hoffman
Woman of the Year Chairman

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